Aaja Kina

Aaja Kina – Bikash Chamling Rai | New Music Video | Nepali Song ft. Saugat Malla

Already making quite a round in the online Nepali Music scene, Bikash Chamling Rai’s latest release “Aaja Kina” is a must watch for those searching for artistic-meaningful music videos. Lately, there has been quite a number of commendable new Nepali songs and no doubt “Aaja Kina” can be counted as one. The video features, one of the most brilliant actors the industry has, Saugat Malla. The video is bound to overwhelm you with nostalgia. “Aaja Kina” is all about time and life. It’s all about how fast life goes on without us realizing and the message that the song provides is quite simple yet striking.

Rai is thankful to Sailendra Singh(MAC) for helping him put his feelings and thoughts into words and Rohit Shakya for turning it into this melodious song. A production of ever-so-brilliant Fuzz Factory, Aaja Kina has been directed by Rohit Shakya and the heart warming story has been provided by Abhishek Subedi. Hiran Shrestha and Pramesh Sherchan have done a brilliant job at providing the video great visual effects. We can say that the music video is quite a work of art and its a very enjoyable watch.

Watch Full Music Video “Aaja Kina” by Bikash Chamling Rai:

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