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Album - "अनि उकाली, संगै ओराली" Launched by Night at Theatre Village

Dec 28, 2014
Posted By: SongsNepal

Night who consists of the members – Jason, Niraj, Birat, Sumnima, Paras and Sudhir is a New-school Nepali Folk band from Nepal. Night focuses on creating their new genre of New-school Folk Music by using traditional Nepali Musical Instruments and reintroducing them as a new sound to their audiences. In 2013, they even won the Kantipur Band of the Year and it has been a long way since then for their Musical Journey as a band who has been identifying themselves in a Unique persona in the Nepali Music Industry. On the 27th of December, 2014, they officially launched their Album ‘अनि उकाली, संगै ओराली’ at the Venue of Theatre Village, Lazimpat, Kathmandu.

Night - "अनि उकाली, संगै ओराली"

Night – “अनि उकाली, संगै ओराली”

It seems the event of their Album Launch by Night was quite the success and they received quite the reception of an audience to their Album Launch at the Venue. They even held a Live Performance for the audiences present as they performed their songs Live from their Album – ‘अनि उकाली, संगै ओराली’. It must have been a treat and a marvel for them to finally launch an Album of theirs and they even went on to console their fans who had not been able to attend their event due to being late. Let’s hope that the whole of the Nepali music Industry embraces New-school rendition to our Traditional Nepali Music.

Night launches their Album - "अनि उकाली, संगै ओराली"

Night launches their Album – “अनि उकाली, संगै ओराली”