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Nepali Bhanda affects the Nepali Film Industry

Jan 14, 2015
Posted By: SongsNepal

On the 13 of January, 2015 (29th Poush, 2071), we had the whole of Nepal being locked down and a Nepali curfew (banda) was held with various reasons in various major cities and towns. It was a political issue that obviously had its purposes and had also its disadvantages as violent actions like destroying of bikes and vehicles were done when people did not follow the curfew rules. It was simply a sight to behold and almost all social media sites were bombarded with news updates on the Nepali bandha, or various personalities posted satires and such on their profiles. The main irony that came out from the aftermaths of the Nepali bandha was that the Nepali Film Industry was also affected.

Three Nepali Movies – Aavash, Alvida and Tathasthu were the main affected as they had only been released a number of days ago before the Nepali bandha. Their viewership was halted by the fact that because of the bandha, these Nepali Movies were not able to screen as all of Nepal’s commercial businesses were forcefully closed in fear that they might get thrashed if they opened for business. This problematic issue has always had its disadvantages, but it is the first time that Nepali Movies was really badly affected by it. Even Rajesh Hamal had to miss his shooting and he went to Facebook to pour his woe of having to miss it. It wasn’t the first that bandhas in Nepal affected the normal way of life in Nepal but we are hoping that they stop.

It is true that film industries get affected, movie stars like Rajesh Hamal gets affected for his shooting dates might be hectic due to his busy schedule. However, different aspects of Nepali life also gets affected. For example, educational institutes also get affected and people who live day to day with their hand to mouth salaries also get affected. So, the main question is that are these political issues for the good of people or do they hinder us more?

Nepali bandha affects Movie Industry in Nepal

Nepali bandha affects Movie Industry in Nepal