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Himalayan Dog Chew - An Nepali Enterprise Goes to Shark Tank For Help

Feb 10, 2015
Posted By: SongsNepal

Shark Tank is the Television’s biggest fundraising series telecasted by the American Broadcasting Company – ABC. Until date, this show has hosted over hundreds of shows and helped a plentiful of entrepreneurs to start up their business by funding them and the panel of five judges are known as the ‘Sharks’. What is so special about Season 6 Episode 18 of Shark Tank is that our favourite Nepali snack – Churpi is the winning idea for the three Nepali men who have implemented their business with the sales of it in another form. That form would be is that these group of guys took this local Nepali snack – Churpi and turned it into a dog treat which has had been immensely popular among dog lovers with their sales having a tremendous response.

Shark Tank - Himalayam Dog Chew

Shark Tank – Himalayam Dog Chew

The three Nepali guys are Nishes, Suman and Sujan who own the company – Himalyan Dog Chew. Nishes and Suman started the company in the US because they had gone to America to pursue their American dream of being rich and started this company with Suman’s brother – Sujan being back in Nepal. This local Nepali snack – Churpi is a very simple to make product with having only four core ingredients; yak milk, cow milk, lime juice, and salt. It is simply the harden form of cheese that we Nepalese love munching on and now because of these three guys, they are your dog’s favourite treat. Obviously, you should microwave the churpi once your dog has turned it into a bite-size piece so that there isn’t a chozing hazard. This wasn’t the only product that they had to offer but another product was the popping cheese treats which the sharks themselves tasted and approved.

So, did these Nepalese guys succeed in getting their type of deal or do they fail in their attempt? Watch how these three guys impresses the whole team of sharks with their products and a local Nepali snack impress the taste buds of people of another nationality.