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Kollywood - Nepali Feature Film

Jul 21, 2014
Posted By: SongsNepal
Kollywood - Nepali Feature Film

Kollywood – Nepali Feature Film

Kollywood is a Nepali Feature Movie which tries to present the inside scopes of the Nepali film industry. The movie has tried to show the things that happen inside Nepali film industry, i.e. the struggles, the rise or the fall of the actors. Kollywood presents to the Nepali audience the personal life of actors and the difficulties that they might face in their life because of their profession. The movie has presented the story of a girl who tries to get in to Nepali film industry but initially she couldn’t get into it because she was offered movie in the cost of compromising physically with the producer. However, she smartens up and learns the trick of the trade into how she can make it big in the Nepali Film fraternity.

In the movie, the leading female lead – Kavya played by Priyanka Karki is the main focus. Inspired by her friend who is already part of the Film fraternity, she decides to try her hand in being an actress. Though she struggles at first, when her struggles start paying off, she starts getting roles and scripts of topnotch movies. When she is offered a role against another popular actor, who happens to be the male lead – Safal played by Aryan Sigdel, they eventually end up in a relationship. However, in the midst of their relationship, she comes to find that Safal is cheating on her and this leads to their breakup and she hates hating him. In her spite, she refuses to work with Safal which leads to him getting axed from the movie. In his frustration, he leaks private intimate videos of him and Kavya all over the Internet and commits suicides.

Director / Screenplay / Dialogue: Navraj Acharya
Cast: Aryan Sigdel, Priyanka Karki, Payal Thapa, Bishnu Karki, Subrat Acharya, Navraj Acharya, Malina Joshi
Music: Pradeep Bastola
Playback Singer: Indira Joshi, Suwani Moktan, Shreya Sotang, Pradeep Bastola
Release Date: Jan 14th, 2013
Produced by: Kumar Khadka

The musical score for the movie was composed by Pradeep Bastola. The movie has an item number where the Miss Nepal of 2011 – Melina Joshi is featured. In conclusion, audiences can watch the movie to see what really is the bittersweet truth of the Nepali Film Industry and judge for themselves how true they deem fit is the story behind this movie. Also, does the female lead played by Priyanka Karki bear any retributions for the incident or does she prove her stand in the movie.

Kollywood - Nepali Feature Film, Aryan-Sigdel-Priyanka-Karki

Kollywood – Nepali Feature Film, Aryan-Sigdel-Priyanka-Karki