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Music Nepal's Official Site Down - Also No Longer Verified Youtube Channel

Mar 29, 2015
Posted By: SongsNepal

On 27th of March, 2015, we brought to light a scam of the oldest Nepali Music company – Music Nepal Pvt Ltd. The person who suffered in this plight of a Music Nepal Pvt Ltd scam has been Bhim Niroula. Even though he says that he has been able to get back the copyrights to his monetization rights of Sunday Morning Love You on YouTube, he still wants Music Nepal Pvt Ltd to be aware that what they had done is wrong. Mr Bhim Niroula says that they should have put copyrights claim on his music video ‘Sunday Morning Love You’ as he does not see the necessity of having to register his Nepali song on Google for a simple CRBT PRBT ringback tone code processing. Mr Bhim Niroula is angered and now he wants to remove all his tracks from Music Nepal too.

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Well The official website of Music Nepal – has been down for a while now. If you go through a page on facebook, it is seen that the reason behind website being down is due to the false copyright claim of the video on other’s video property.

You can see here:

Music Nepal’s Youtube Channel:

Well if you don’t know, Music Nepal Youtube Channel was a Verified Channel with a Verified Tickmark on it’s Channel name. But now if you check out the Channel you will not see any verified youtube sign on the channel name too.

Who did this?
Well an unidentified Anonymous group “Anonymous #opnep” had openly notified Music Nepal about the Copyright Issue. If you go through their official page, you will see the clear discussions too.
Well this Anonymous Group has no any identification on internet and we don’t know who actually is involved. All that can be known is they have a heart to fight for the right

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