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To be a Musician, it has to be a God-gifted talent but good training is also necessary. - Ajit Ghising

Sep 05, 2014
Posted By: SongsNepal

Ajit Ghising is a Nepali Musician, composer and singer who has up-to-date released a total of 80 songs which are sentimental, love pop songs and also songs that are very different from those commercial songs. He was born on the 14th of Feburary, 1981 and he hails from Sindulpalchow, Thulopakhar, Nepal. He had released a total of three albums – “Dhahar”, “Tali” and “Path”. He had moved to Kathmandu after completing his SLC (School Leaving Certificate) Examinations which he completed from Shree Kakaling and in order to pursue his career in Music, he took up training in Music – Classical and Western Musical Trainings. He also managed to finish his graduate studies from the Tribhuvan University, Kritipur and has a Bachelor in Humanities and Social Sciences. During his free time, he loves playing football, swimming and keeping himself fit and also active in Social Work. His first recorded song was “Ule ko Kura” which he recorded 12 – 13 years ago and “Ujuri” and “Sakdina” is his recently released songs. Even though he is currently busy in recording new songs for playback in Movies and for Collection Albums, he had time to sit with us for an interview.

Whom do you usually listen to?
All the Musical Legends from the Nepali and Western Music scene.

What are your thoughts about the Nepali Music Industry?
Nowadays, Nepali Music is not like used to be commercially as it seems to be for Musician nowadays as it is much harder for Musicians. It is mainly because of Music Piracy and also due to the Political Instability of Nepal. However, there seems to be a ray of hope as due to technology, audiences can be easily gained.

Listening to your Music, you seem to do a lot of experimental Music, why do you do that?
When maturing in my music and evolving myself in this Music Industry, I found that a Musician should experiment in different genres as we have to grow as Musician in this music scene. Particular songs that I have recorded are folk songs with a modern twist and have a different way of presenting themselves to the Nepali Audience.

What do you think is the impact that your Music makes on the Nepali audience?
Especially when songs carry a social message, they can carry influence to people’s thoughts easily. So in my views being a Nepali artist, we must be in tune with our country’s present situation and try to create awareness as much as possible. I say this so as I feel since being public figures like us, we need to act like any other responsible citizen and help create awareness.

Do you think you have really benefited from doing the kind of Music that you do?
If I can create awareness in my songs and present awareness they can understand to the Nepali audience, then my passion in Music is justified. Also, I feel that I just have to wait for the right to be more out there as I still have a long way to go and working harder is what I can do now.

Do you feel that in order to be a Musician, what is more necessary – talents or good training?
I feel firstly it has to be a God-gifted talent one should have but good training is also necessary as they only help to hone and enhance the talents that we have.