Awaaz – Together With Music | Nepali Concert Tour



After the devastating and murderous earthquake of 12th April, 2015 the entire nation has been left shaken. Thousands of people were dead, families left broken, children lost their homes and families. The after effects of this disaster were so high that thinking of those memories brings chills to our spine. Awaaz is an event consisting of various multi-talented artists of our own country Nepal who have taken an initiative to help the victims of the Earthquake. Awaaz, the musical event majorly focuses on bringing relief to the Earthquake victims in the Sindhupalchowk. The money obtained from this event will prove to be a great contribution to provide help to the areas of Sindhupalchowk especially Haibung.


The fund raising event majorly focuses on bringing together Music and Social Help. Awaaz, together with Music will be conducted in 5 of the major cities of Nepal. The cities include Dharan, Chitwan, Butwal, Pokhara and Kathmandu. The main specialty of this event is that it focuses on a day of enjoyment combined with a motive of Social Cause. Awaaz, the musical motive starts from 1 pm onward featuring Nepal’s some of the most renowned artists, who will be joining hands together and create a memorable night that you wouldn’t want to miss.

The artists that will be performing for you throughout the event are The Shadows Nepal (our very famous hometown band, originally from Narayangarh, Chitwan), Arogya (makers of the new Nepali song Timilai), the super talented Edge Band (Main Vocalist from the Band Jeewan Gurung is also Judge for SongsNepal Acoustic Festival 2015), DJ Jack, Robin and The New Revolution, very famous The Outsiders Band (formed 2006 A.D.) and lastly DJ Process. The entrance ticket to this event costs only Rs. 100, these artists will be there to entertain you for the day in your favorite cities with an aim of helping the earthquake victims.

The dates that the event has been scheduled to occur in your favorite cities Dharan and Pokhara are :

Dharan Exclusive- 7th August
Dharan- 8th August



Pokhara (general and exclusive) – 29th August.



5th september, Chitwan.



12th September, Butwal




Note: Due to unavoidable circumstances the events in Butwal, Chitwan and Kathmandu have been postponed.The  dates provided above for Butwal and Chitwan are the re-scheduled ones, Whereas a mega concert will be held in Kathmandu during the mid-festive period of Dashain and Tihar. Although the dates in Pokhara and Dharan remain unchanged, exact dates for Kathmandu event will be revealed soon. For new updates and schedules regarding the event, stay tuned to Songs Nepal.

Further more, we take great pride in announcing that the event is Organized by Buddha Kumari Foundations in association with ISS, TSN events, and last but not the least our team of Songs Nepal. The travel co-sponsor of Awaaz is Yeti airlines along with many other local organizers and news papers.

We further will the team of Awaaz with a warm regards for the success of their event in all the cities.