Alisha Rai

Best Music Videos of Alisha Rai

When she popped out on the stage of the music video for “Thamel Bazar” from one of the most successful movie franchise of Nepal “Loot 2”, people noticed her in an instant. From her beautiful expressions to her dance moves, Alisha Rai sure knows how to entertain her fans and grace the stage at the same time. Dancing since the age of five, Alisha started her career playing short films for different Nepali YouTube Channels now moving on to major movies. She debuted as a Nepali Actress from “Loot 2”. Ever since she has appeared in dozens of music videos.


Alisha Rai at Music Video "Riting Riting Shoot"
Alisha Rai at Music Video “Riting Riting Shoot”


Alisha Rai


Alisha Rai


SongsNepal has created a compilation some of the hit music videos that feature Alisha Rai. Watch Here:


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