Categories Guidelines

We know that you may already have an idea about the Genre for the video that you want to showcase to your audience. However, we still feel that you would abide to the following guidelines in order to upload your media through this server –

Adhunik: If Contemporary Music is the genre of your media then you should place them under Adhunik category. Contemporary Music is such that it is easy listening to the ears and most likely to be songs that will not get old.

Hip Hop/ Rap: If your media features stylized rhythmic music which may feature Hip-Hop, Rap, DJing and scratching, beat boxing, and instrumental tracks. Basically, it is a Dance Anthem for Parties.

Lok Dohori: If your media has music representing Nepal’s folk songs that expresses all emotions of happiness, sadness and love, then it probably goes in this Lok Dohori category.

Pop/ Rock/ Metal: If your media has music that has heading bobbing music that features the use of rhythmic arrangements of guitars and percussion of the drums. Also, media of our country’s folk songs that is infused with this particular type of musical genre should be categorized under here.

Live Performance: If you have any media concerning the live performance of your favourite band, then you are recommended to upload your media under this category. It is also viable for any live performance of your band and you just needed a portal to showcase your band’s talents.

Movie Songs: This category is for music videos that are exerted from Movies.

Unofficial Videos/MP3: If you have created a video using clips or images from other sources to create a unique video of your choosing; usually it is called a fan-made videos of their favourite songs of artists, then it goes here. Also, if you only have recordings of your songs and no video content, then it can be placed in this category.

Choose Wisely: Please make sure to choose the sub-categories accurately so as to enable more accurate viewership of your content so that you would be able to attract more viewers to your content.