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Cromblah / Rapster Shuvam - Rapster Shuvam Vs Cromblah | Rap Battle

Added by SongsNepal on May 07, 2014

The first of its kind in Nepal; Raw Barz is an Indie Underground Rap Battle League for all aspiring Nepali rap artists. This Rap battle is hosted by Mc Flo (a Underground Nepali Rap Artist). This Rap Battle is the final battle of Episode 1 and is between Rapster Shuvam and Cromblah who were contestants from the previous season of Raw Barz. You have seen Rapster Shuvam being teased for his amateur raps and seen him always rising to the challenge with every battle and seen the spit-fire Cromblah with his aggressiveness and his brilliant wordplay he adopts in his rap battles. Watch this video to see who the better rapper is.

Raw Barz Season III - Road to Australia is held at Batika Restaurant, Sanepa, Kathmandu. This video is edited by and shot by Ravi Lama of Ghau Chot Production and special thanks is given to KTM Photography for this production of Raw Barz Season III - Road To Australia.

Genre: Rap

Artists: Cromblah / Rapster Shuvam

Tags: Anticipated Raw Barz Battle / Last Raw Barz Battle of the Episode / mc flo / Raw Barz Battle Royale / Raw Barz Season 3

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