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David MGR - Yo Aakash Vanda

Added by SongsNepal on Dec 18, 2014

Yo Aakash Vanda is a romantic Nepali Pop song by David MGR which is taken from the Album - DAVID,S.

The Lyrics, Music and the Music arrangements are written, composed and arranged by Binaya K2. The actors starring in this Nepali Music Video are Anuska and Madhu. The Nepali Music video of the Nepali song 'Yo Akash Vanda' is directed by Yodin ML Sambahamphe and the camera directions are taken by Gyanendra Sharma. The editorial of the Nepali Music Video is done by Madhab Belbase.

Genre: Pop

Artists: David MGR

Tags: Latest Nepali Pop / Nepali Pop song / nepali song / nepali songs / Newest Nepali song / Romantic Nepali song

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