Introducing “Donate Music”: A Social Initiative of SongsNepal for Free Music Education in Nepal

After 9 years of History Making dedication of in Music industry of Nepal, it has proved to be one of the most recognized and active Music Brand in the music community of Nepal. With over Lakh of dedicated Subscribers and Followers on Social Media. SongsNepal has now been very powerful online media brand to make difference in the industry and achieve a new music milestone as it has done for the past few years.

Now it’s time to Explore more with Now it’s time to Give to the Community, all the love and all the support being shared in return with goal of giving the best to the music industry and the needy ones, introducing a fully non profit base movements. We are proud to have our social initiative to a single source music development, which will be done by the Music and for the Music. This is a complete non profit social program our Team has initiated to Launch for betterment of Music Industry in Nepal.

“If Donating Blood Saves Life, Donating Music, Gives Life.”

SongsNepal Introduces You to a Social Non Profit Campaign of Donating Music in order to establish Free Music Education for the poor and needy ones here in Nepal.

Donate Music; Give Life

After being able to stand out as one of the Most Active Music Brand in Nepal, SongsNepal is now set to arrange ‘Free Music Education’ non profit campaign for needy ones at Governmental Schools and Funded Schools around Nepal. We believe proper Music Education in early age matters a lot in development of brain functionality of a child. This is only Possible with all the Support of Musicians & Music Lovers.

How and Who can Support?

Support Being a Musician:
If you are a Musician (Solo Artist, Band, Arranger), Be Part of ‘SongsNepal Free Music Education‘ Campaign and Support Poor and needy ones to analyze proper Music Education. Let us Promote Your Music for a Cause. With your Music, you can Give Life to many People.

How Donate Music Works?
1. Submit your Original Music Video / Song / Instrumental at SongsNepal office or email it at
2. We will review the content and if it matches the general requirement, we will Upload it on our Official SongsNepal Youtube Channel and Promote it on our Network.
3. 100% of the revenue generated by the content will be used directly for ‘SongsNepal Free Music Education’ Campaign carried out in various part of Nepal with help of volunteers and various organizations. PS there won’t be any charge included.
4. See how your music helps other needy ones to Learn Music effectively through our non profit campaign.

For Music Lovers:
Don’t forget to Tag your Musician Friends and definitely you can support the “Free Music Education” Campaign by simply Sharing and Sharing and Sharing. Help us Spread the word & let Loudness of Music Love heard.

‘Donate Music’ is a Social Incentive program brought to you by to create a positive change in betterment of musical industry in various part of country through a major donation source carried out by SongsNepal platform. ‘Donate Music’ is generally a non profit social initiative program where various musicians around the world can submit their Original Music as their donation. Here, music means all category of music including instrumental music to foreign language songs to Nepali Songs and from anyone around the world. Also the online revenue of Music and Videos provided by the artists around the world will be 100% used to create a better music society in various part of the country through Our Funded budget will also include teaching music to providing music teacher to various parts of rural Nepal.

“Donate Music Now, Together Lets Make Nepal a Musical Place to Live.”

Inbox Us on Facebook or Email if any Questions or Confusions. Also if any organization/company wants to work together through this campaign, please feel free to Contact Us. We always welcome Advice and Suggestions. 🙂

SongsNepal: Promoting Nepali Music, Developing Nepali Music !!!

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