KTMEntertainment brings you Musicmandu 2016

Musicmandu is a music and art Festival especially focusing on Nepali music. KTMEntertainment is a US based Entertainment Company founded by Dj Rokesh and Karma Tenzing Nyangmi, planning to make this Musicmandu an annual event where with an event they can entertain people by bringing Famous Nepali artists and promoting them internationally. At the same time they also want to give an opportunity to the local Nepali musicians and artist to perform overseas making Nepali Music alive in abroad too.

The main concern of the event is to promote Nepali artist overseas and also provide abroad fans a platform to meet their favorite Nepali artists. “Besides it will keep our Nepali people connected and united as we tend to be busy in our own lives here in USA. We (Dj Rokesh and my Partner Karma Tenzing Nyangmi) are the KTMEntertainment. From now on we will be doing our future events through it and we are also planning on doing Musicmandu soon in Nepal. Some of the profit from this party will proceed to Rays of Hope Nepal (a non profit Organization) and we will always try our best to do a party for good cause.” ” states DJ Rokesh, one of the founder of the Organizing Team.

Musicmandu 2016


Event Starts from 8:00 PM and also make sure you have your ID with you to make sure not to face problem during the entry of the event.

SongsNepal.com is proud to be Associated with the organizing┬áteam and promote Nepali Music around the world. If you are in States, make sure you don’t miss out the event.


DJ Rokesh and Karma Tenzing Nyangmi


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