Kandara – Nepali Band with Pure Nepali Pan

Of course the western music is undoubtedly fabulous and inspiring and it’s a great idea to take an inspiration from the West. But, how often have we seen our own cultural heritage being carried over through the ways of music and traditions. However there is one such band that tries to upkeep our own Nepali Music Heritage with a sense of western flavors themselves and that is Kandara.


After a long time hiding behind the scenes the Kandara have finally showed up being more wonderful and more melodious than ever. Their new song Chandrakot Ki Nani, although released in its raw form has taken over  hears of the listeners and appreciated by many. Kandara, is one of the most experienced and reviving band of the Nepalese industry as it was originally established in 1992 with 5 music enthusiasts- Buddha Raj Bajracharya, Deepak Raj Mulmi, Bijaya Gurung, Ananda Tajhya and Sunil Bhattachan formerly known as 24 Carat. Combination of these 5 artists led to their debut album, Chanchale Kanchi which was more like folk pop and alternate version of music. Since the last two years Kandara was busy researching and analyzing about Nepali music. At the end of the research they found out that the folk-pop and melo-pop music, which had a massive market in the 90’s has almost vanished in our modern Nepali Music scenario. And being the pioneer of the modern era, Kandara took the responsibility of carrying out Traditional Nepalese Music on their heads and is now preparing for their new album with the same aim.

During our small conversation with Kandara, we found that the band has its original roots in Pokhara and is a pure Pokhareli Band with a major aim of promoting Nepalese music and is one of the very few bands that works on folk-pop and melo-pop as its major genre. And after the hit release of Chandrakot Ki Nani, the band has been totally busy working on their new album and making their comeback as grand and remember-able as possible. And we were also quite pleased to know that till date Kandara is 100% original and has never remixed, collected or covered any creation of any other artists. This is also because they believe in originality and innovation.

When we inquired about their latest song, Chandrakot Ki Nani we came to know that the song is very close to their hearts as it is not just a mere song but a tribute to Late. Mr. Binod Gauchan, who wrote it.

Lastly, we take great pleasure in announcing that Kandara’s new album will be releasing on 27th September and will be. The band also shows gratitude towards the MD of Stereo Records, Ashish Parajuli without whom they believe that the creation of their new album could not be possible.
Our entire team of SongsNepal wishes that their New album is a great success and the band goes on promoting cultural heritage even in the  near future.

In case that you haven’t had a look at Kandara’s Chandrakot Ki Nani, you  can watch it right here. Hope you enjoy it.