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Kumari Lama / Yam Baral - Aankhabata

Added by SongsNepal on Nov 16, 2014

"Aankhabata" is a Nepali Adhunik Song by Yam Baral and Kumari Lama.

The Lyrics of 'Aankhabata' are written by Arun Tiwari and the Music is composed by Bikram G Lama. The actors portraying the couple who sticks with each other despite all of life's difficulties are played by Dibya and Pratik. The Offical Nepali Music Video of 'Aankhabata' is directed by Prasanna and the camera directions are taken by Bidur Pandey. The editorial of 'Aabkhabata' is done by Tekendra Shah.

Genre: Adhunik

Artists: Kumari Lama / Yam Baral

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