Melina Rai : The Journey So Far

In the recent past, there is one name that has taken the Nepali Music Industry by storm. From films and solo projects to multiple features and stage shows both national and international, this artist has proven to be one of the most prominent figures in the Nepali Music Business even though she hasn’t even spent a decade in the industry. The artist we’re giving all our attention today is the talented and very melodious singer with a voice that could probably heal broken hearts, Melina Rai.

Starting her career as a chorus singer and a dance teacher, Melina Rai started getting noticed after giving hits like “Kammar Mathi Patuki” and “Siraima Sirbandi.” Her first album “Bahar” got released in 2071, and it includes the hit song “Maya Malai”. After the album, Melina Rai became one of the most hardworking and busiest artists in the industry. Her singing journey started right from home as her father is also a musician and whatever she knows today about music, it was all passed down to her by her father, Jibesh Rai.

The very down to earth Melina Rai believes it’s the hard work of a person that’s what pays off in establishing yourself rather than taking shortcuts. Though her father was a renowned musician, she never used his name to get work and gain popularity. Instead, Melina worked hard appreciating every little work she used to get and moving forward towards achieving her goal. The first song she ever did was at the age of eleven, and the song was “Himal Ko Kakha Ma Yeti Sundar Desh,” a song composed by her father. Though she is a pop artist, lately she has been gaining popularity as a playback artist after delivering hits after hits. Her recent collaboration with Rajan Raj Siwakoti for the song “Kutu Ma Kutu” for the film “Dui Rupainya” has been so successful it has crossed over 18 Million views on YouTube.

In spite of all the popularity from playback singing, Melina is still not ready to settle with singing only songs from films. With all that talent inside her, she is yet to deliver her best work. So after almost four years of getting involved into projects from other people, she is finally getting ready to release her second studio album. This time she named the album after herself calling it “Melina” so people would recognize her for her and also prioritize every song in her album.

We here in SongsNepal love Melina Rai so much that we have created our list of some of Melina Rai’s Top Music Videos, you can watch the videos here.

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