Monkey Temple – New Nepali Music Video Release ‘Aawaz Malai Deuna’

monkey temple

Some of the most famous and lively band in Nepal’s history, Monkey Temple has further released its New Nepali Song Awaaz Malai Deuna recently a few days ago. The song as gained a wide popularity in just a few days. We get inspired seeing bands like Monkey Temple who aim at developing our country’s Music Industry. The band was originally established in 1998. Unlike every other band this band origins were inside the walls of St. Xavier by guitarist Subodh Gurung and vocalist Sareen Deoja. And today, after years of hard work and dedication, the band is one of the most reputed one’s in Nepal’s Industry. Currently Monkey Temple comprises of 5 members Sareen Deoja (vocals/guitar), Prawol Bhattarai (guitars/vocals/back vocals), Bijay Shrestha (bass) and Pratap Risal (drums), all of whom hail from Kathmandu. After the relese of their first album, Black Bee And The Flowers, the band created a special place in the hearts of their audience especially after their second album Shades Of Grey, released in 2012 and hinted their listeners with elements of “experiment and progress”.

The multi-talented band has contributed numerous songs in the field of Nepalese Music. Monkey Temple band’s video “Anumati” was the first to be aired on MTV India and the song has also won Hits Fm Awards 2013 (nationally acclaimed award) for the best rock composition category. With their immense talent and experience, the band has played all over the country and performs in festivals/concerts/bars/occasions regularly almost on a daily basis. In 2014, Monkey Temple also performed on the famous Nepali sow, Kripa Unplugged gaining a lot of praises from their beloved Nepalese Audience. This year the band has came up with their self-titled album, Monkey Temple. The band also believes that the year 2015 has proved to be quite luck for them as they are going to be the first Nepali Band to have two of their songs featured on MTV India’s official Website.



In our small talk, when we asked the band about the experience of their journey so far, they startled us by saying that Music is not only their passion now, but it has also become their addiction as well. The band also presented their gratitude towards their fans who have supported them through every thick and thin times.

The band is majorly considered as the Alternative/ Modern Rock Band.Their recent and extremely overwhelming song  Awaz Malai Deuna very finely describes the current state of affairs in our country. This song/video in a very abstract way talks about various dilemmas and backlash that our country has been suffering for years. A corruption free Nepal is the dream of almost every citizen in our country. The song has wonderfully presented our dreams through the vision of their eyes.

Currently, Monkey Band has re-recorded Acoustic#11, Sangai bachauna, and Samaya on the Album so we will be busy making new videos for these songs in the future day.

Our entire team of wishes Monkey Temple all the very best for their upcoming song and hope they have a bright future ahead. If you still haven’t watched the music video you can directly watch it here itself.