Hamo Sano Ghar Hola [हाम्रो सानो घर होला] | Nepali Movie

Hamo Sano Ghar Hola [हाम्रो सानो घर होला] is a Nepali Movie starring Pooja Chand, Mamik. It is a Nepali Movie with a family drama genre. The family drama is created when the family of the leading female character – Pooja, who is played by Pooja Chanda, falls in love with Raj, played by Mamik, is from a middle-class family. They are also concerned because their dream is to make their daughter – Pooja into a famous actress. They feel that Pooja will forget her ambitions if she continues to be in a relationship with Raj. It basically shows a love story between Pooja and Raj which has too many bumps and obstacles that make it hard for them to be together.

The story of the Nepali Movie – Hamro Sano Ghar Hola is that the leading female character – Pooja, comes from an influential family and Raj is a middle-class guy who has to travel regularly for his job. When Pooja’s father comes to know of their affair, he tries to break them up by secretly putting him in danger and ending his life. The truth of their affair is revealed by Kamal who happens to be Raj’s friend and trusted by Raj but he does the opposite. When he finally pretends to acknowledge Raj, he again poisons his daughter’s mind and asks her to get an abortion because she should concentrate and focus on herself first. Even though Pooja gives birth to the baby, Raj takes the child and leaves her and raises their son – Aman on their own.

As the story progresses, their young child grows up and Pooja even goes to kidnapping her own son so that she will get to see him. However, Aman rejects his mother’s love because of his love for his father’s love. Will the trials of everything finally bring them closer or will Pooja never realize her mistakes?

Directed by: Ashok Shrestha
Cast: Mamik, Pooja Chand, Arjun Shrestha, Kamal Krishna, Gopal Bhutani and Nisha Sharma
Produced by: Atri Gautam
Movie Genre: Drama
Presented by: Atri Gautam Films – A2

Hamro Sano Ghar Hola starring Pooja Chand and Mamik
Hamro Sano Ghar Hola starring Pooja Chand and Mamik