Kartoos | Nepali Dubbed Bhojpuri Movie

Kartoos is Nepali Dubbed Bhojpuri Movie that stars Biraj Bhatta, Pari Singhaniya, Nilima Singha Gopal Rhaya and Ganesh Pahit. Kartoos is Action packed Movie which has a Love Story in tow. It is an atypical sort of a Nepali dramatic movie even though it is a Bhojpuri Movie. There is a story of corruption and power shown in this Bhojpuri Movie where the village is terrorized by the corrupted Thakur who is usually the village head. However, characters like Master Dhinanat and Inspector Bijay plays a crucial role in upholding justice for all the villagers.

The Bhojpuri Movie which is dubbed in Nepali starts off with the Thakur who in his corruption does not let the villagers sell these goods in the Markets and instead the goods has to be sold to him so that he will get the bigger profit by selling himself. Another villainous character is the Village President (Mukhiya) D. Baba Yadav who is a brute and his brother terrorizes the villages with his unlawful ethics. In all of this drama of a village, there are two love stories between Bijay and Kanchan and Ravi and Kiran. Kanchan and Kiran are sisters and the daughters of Master Dhinanat. Bijay’s and Kanchan’s love story goes ever smoothly but the love story of Ravi and Kiran is complicated as his brother, the Thakur, is rivals with Kiran’s father. However, in spite of all, Kiran and Ravi are madly in love which compels his brother to kidnap Ravi and force them apart. In his absence, Kiran gets married to Ravi as shes pregnant with Ravi’s child unknowingly and to save her reputation, she is forced to get married to her brother-in-law – Bijay. When he finally escapes the clutches of the kidnappers, he comes to know of their marriage which causes a rift but is clear by his sister-in-law. Will their happy ending then come once they clear all misunderstanding and will the forces of evil be rid of in the end is what the audience needs to look out for in Kartoos.

Kartoos is a Bhojpuri Movie which is Dubbed in Nepali;
Directed by: Arjun Singh.
Stars: Biraj Bhatta & Pari Singhaniya, Nilima Singha Gopal Rhaya, Ganesh Pahit
Cinematography by: Karim Khaji
Produced by: Jayesh Patel and Pinky Patel
Post Production by: Karuna Films Pvt. Ltd.

Kartoos | Nepali Dubbed Bhojpuri Movie
Kartoos | Nepali Dubbed Bhojpuri Movie