Maile Bhulnai Sakina | Nepali Movie

Maile Bhulnai Sakina is a Nepali Movie starring Biraj Bhatt, Dhiren Shakya, Dinesh Sharma, Srijana Basnet and Jenisha Kc. It is a Nepali feature film with a family drama genre. The movie is the mixture of comedy, romance, action-fights and all other good stuffs that are needed for a good movie.

The story might link up with a police officer’s life. With his honest duties in protecting the people and the nation from loot, social problems created by villainous characters and gangsters in the city, he always gets killing attacks wherever he goes. One day a poor, orphan 7 year boy saves the police officer – DSP, who is played by the actor Dhiren Shakya from a gun-shot while he comes back from the temple with his wife Tulsi, who is played by played by actress Srijana Basnet. They thank the boy from heart and try to know in details where he lives, what’s his name, his parents. But they come to know that he is alone in the city. With a mercy and all good characters of the boy, Tulsi requests his husband to keep him together with them as a son. So, this boy gets named as Rahul and finds a new loving family. He gets a sister, Kriti too. He starts loving his all family members more than he loves to himself. But, with a reason he murders his uncle Krishna, who recently comes and joins back to his brother’s family becoming a Doctor from America. With aggressive nature seeing the incident, DSP, Rahul’s father calls the police authority and send him to jail. Rahul stays in jail and gets freed after 13 years and grows to a young, strong, bold, handsome person, who is played by the famous, brilliant actor Biraj Bhatt. He soon goes to see his family members but, there he is not accepted by his father and sister. All broken heart and still with a hope of being acceptance one day, he goes from there. With a hope and all rememberance the memory of his family, he tries to stay in the same city. In the city, he finds three comedy friends- Nikhil, Rajesh and Bhuwan and Rahul starts staying with them. Rahul finds an active, charming and beautiful girl-Priya in his life and starts liking and loving since from a first look at her. Priya also starts loving Rahul being impressed with his honest, and all other good characters of him. In full story of the movie, Rahul tries his best in protecting his family from the bad villains like Dukhiram and Kundan, the main villains of the story. Also, Kriti-sister of Rahul gets betrayed from his boyfriend making her pregnant and try to leave her. In this case too, Rahul indirectly help her. For this he convince that boyfriend of her sister to marry her and suggests him to come on the right track being a right guy in his sister’s life. With these all approach, still Rahul is not accepted by his father and sister but yet his mother has always love for him. At the very end of the story, main villains Dukhiram and his brother Kundan make master plan to kill all the family at once. But, soon or later Rahul reaches there, fights with all villians being a one-man-army and saves all. Rahul’s three comedy, helpful friends also reach there and help Rahul in fighting and protecting the family. At last of the story, the reason hiden by Rahul and his mother gets flashed. Rahul’s father and sister and all other come to know that Rahul was innocent and all right for the sake of family. Hence, Rahul is finally accepted by all at last.

Cast: Biraj Bhatt, Dhiren Shakya, Srijana Basnet, Dinesh Sharma and Jenisha Kc
Directed by: Dipak Shrestha
Produced by: Chiranjibi
Movie Genre: Family Drama, Action, Romance and Comedy

Maile Bulnai Sakina - Bhiraj Bhatta, Jenisha Kc, Dhiren Shakya, Dinesh Sharma and Srijana Basnet
Maile Bulnai Sakina – Bhiraj Bhatta, Jenisha Kc, Dhiren Shakya, Dinesh Sharma and Srijana Basnet