Marda is a Nepali Dubbed Bhojpuri Movie starring Biraj Bhatta, Kajal Raghwani, Anjana Singh, Dipak Bhatiya. It is a Nepali feature film with family drama genre. The movie is worth watching for Comedy, Action, Melodious Songs, Romance, Suspense and Thriller.

This is a village based story where a leading character “Birju”, an orphan boy lives with his Sano Buwa and Sani Aama but they are not his biological parents. The character is well played by Biraj Bhatta. Birju has a profession of Chariot Riding and also is known as a “Mard Tange Wala” in the village. Local people of the village are threatened by some villians. Birju time and again always saves them from different obstacles created by those villians. The movie twists when Birju and his parents find an unknown child at their home and the child calls Birju as her father. Every people around the village get shocked. Birju tries to loose the attention of that girl child but he fails because he is warned by a Police Inspector not to loose the girl. Some villains are also after the child.

The Nepali Movie ‘Marda’ is Filmed by Roshan Shrestha and Directed by Baali. Mohan Aanand is the Direction Assistant. The Cinematographer of the movie is Janhagir. The Story is written by Manoj Pandey. The Movie is Dubbed by Mohan. Surya, Jitendra and Roshika Shrestha are the Producer. Sujan Raj Baniya is the Publicity Designer. This Movie is done under the Post Production – Omniphonix Digital Studio. Gobind Dube has done the Editorial work. The Graphics designer of the movie is Aaya Focus Bijay and Dinesh. Baali and Narendra Sharma are the Choreographer.