Shaan | 2012 Nepali Feature Film

Shaan is a Nepali Movie by Krishna Lal Shrestha and stars Suman Singh, Jharana Thapa, Anuskha Sharma Sewa and Kusal Thapa. This Nepali Movie is a mixture of different genres as it is a mix between a romantic movie to an action packed movie to a comedic Nepali movie. The interesting thing in this Nepali Movie ‘Shaan’ is that Jharana Thapa is shown kicking ass in this Nepali Movie as she plays a tomboyish character – Swarni in the movie. The other leading characters in the movie are Sagar, Elis amd Anuskha.

The main story of this Nepali Movie ‘Shaan’ is about the friendship of Sagar and Elis and for friendship, Sagar is the ultimate best friend who sacrifices even his happiness for Elis. Even after growing up, when they fall in love with the same girl – Anushka, he does not pursue her even though he loves her secretly. However, the real test of their friendship is tested when Elis has to go and convince Anushka’s father to call off her arranged marriage with some other guy for Sagar’s sake as he is unable to due to having to go abroad. Jharana Thapa’s character – Swarni also displays good friendship as she is willing to do anything for the name of her friendship and loyalty to Elis and Sagar. However, the main problem happens when Anushka’s father is tricked by them and when he finds out, Sagar and Swarni gets into danger. So, the audience can watch Shaan to know what trick they pull on Anushka’s father and if they will eventually win his heart to be alright with Anushka’s and Sagar’s love.

Shaan Nepali Movie:
Directed by: Khrishna Lal Shrestha.
Stars: Suman Singh, Jharana Thapa, Anuskha Sharma Sewa, Kusal Thapa, Sushil Pokharel, Kedar Parajuli, Puskar Bhatta, Rain Subedi, Pradip Dhakal, Narayan Shrestha.
Child Actors: Akit Shrestha, Samar Regmi, Jyoti Shrestha.
Guest Actors: Bikash Shrestha, Bimla Shrestha, Chet Narayan Pokharel, Kamal Thapa
Camera: Durga Poudel
Story: Lalit Kathayat
Dialogue: Sushil Pokharel
Songs by: Loknath Sapkota
Music by: Binod Gurung
Recordist: Chandra Chaudhari, Shyam Bagdas
Mixing/SFX: Amit Shrestha
Playback Singer: Anju Panta, Mandavi Tripathi, Sarbagyaman Shakya
Wardrobe: Mishra / Sajja
Hairdresser: Smriti Shrestha
Production Controller: Ravi Thapa
Post Production: CineZone, Bagbazar
Poster Design: Kamal Shrestha
Cheoreography by: Saman Adhikari
Action: Rosan Shrestha
Color Correction/ Casting: Ananta Ghimire
VFX: Achyut Gajurel
Editing: Banish Shah
Producer: Manju Laxmi Shrestha, Anushka Sharma Shrestha

Shaan Nepali Movie starring Suman Singh, Jharana Thapa, Anuskha Sharma Sewa, Kusal Thapa
Shaan Nepali Movie starring Suman Singh, Jharana Thapa, Anuskha Sharma Sewa, Kusal Thapa