New Nepali Movie Resham Filili in Qatar

filili in Qatar

Timi ra ma ghumna jaau na, Timi peerati ko chhata odhau na.”, we all have listened to this addictive  song once or even 100’s of times as well. The song Jalma from the Nepali Movie Resham Filili has won everybody’s hearts nationwide. Jalma had become such a viral that all people of all age groups had this Nepali Song humming on their lips for a long time. And now, this Saturday 19 July, 2015 the movie is going to release in Qatar as well. Yes! Resham Filili  which is produced by Madhav Wagle and written and directed by Pranab Joshi, is now going to hit the screens of Qatar with the. The movie will be run in the theaters of Grand Mall, Sanaiya, Qatar. Although there is just one show available for a day, the audience can enjoy this movie on the auspicious occasion of EID for regularly two days, Saturday (19th July) and Sunday (20th July) from 11:24 am onwards.

Due to the massive destruction caused by the Earthquake, not all the people could enjoy the movie. But those who watched it have given quite positive reviews of the movie. And after the success of the movie in USA, Resham Filili is now ready to set its magic in Qatar as well.  It was no matter of question that the song has broken all the records and has hit all the charts of Nepalese Music Industry so far.


Based on the announcement done by Madhav Wagle, producer of the move, Filili is going to re release in Nepal on August 28, 2015. For advance booking you can dial 33377214, 77424277, 66149134, 55975579. For other information regarding the movie release you can also contact Mr. Nima Bhushal:

We wish all the very best for the entire team of Resham Filili and hope that the movie is a huge success on the Box Office of Qatar.