Press Release for Raw Barz USA Season 1

We all know the storm Raw Barz brought when it came out with it’s first ever battle video featuring Sacar vs. Unik Poet (now UniQ) three years ago. Now, the video has over 500,000 views. The first ever rap battle league of Nepal is now on its fourth season and we all know it’s not stopping anytime soon.  In fact, it’s spreading its wings worldwide. After successfully launching its franchise in Australia and the United Kingdom, Raw Barz is reaching out to the place where rap and rap battle all started, the United States of America.

On 21st April 2017, the Raw Barz founding members Kolin Bikram Rana, Adeel Manandhar, Dipan Karmacharya, and Dipak Sharma made an official press release announcing Raw Barz USA Season 1 at Octave, Kathmandu. The press release included the visions, plans, and schedules that the team has for the upcoming event. Raw Barz is teaming up with E3 Entertainment which stands for Engage, Encourage, and Empower. E3 Entertainment is a registered organization in the state of Virginia which has previously organized various successful events including BIPUL CHETTRI Live in concert in Baltimore, ANI CHOYING DOLMA concerts in Washington D.C and New York City, 1974 AD Hzaar Sapna Tour in DMV area just to name a few.

The main purpose for Raw Barz USA is to give all the Nepali rappers residing in America an opportunity to showcase their rap skills and to shine on the big stage.

Time Line and Details for Raw Barz Season 1

A major announcement in the US from April 29, 2017, @ Global Nepal Fest – Live Concert.



The opening of the auditions, promotion material is released, celebrating by sending the winner to the final battles.

The Winner will get free Airlines ticket and Hotel stay in New York during the Main Competition.

JUNE 30 – East Coast Audition in Baltimore at the ANA convention.

JULY 08 – West Coast Audition in San Francisco – Venue TBD

JULY 15 – Deadline for a;; the Video Auditions

JULY 30-10 selected rappers from East Coast and West Coast, Names of Finalists out.

OCT 28 – Main event in New York – Venue Details will be available soon.


DIRECT ENTRY – All the previous winners of RAW BARZ NEPAL will get direct entry to the main competition.

Application Deadline – JUNE 15, 2017 (One of the winners from the RAP BATTLE in Dallas on MAY 6 will also get a direct entry)

JUDGES – There will be three judges to be announced by April 29, 207 @ Global Nepal Fest.

A Well Known International Rapper

A Well Known International DJ

A Well Known Nepali Rapper – Saash Karki from Canada


In-person audition in Baltimore and San Francisco – $200

Video Audition – $100

Feedback from the Judges to all the participants via video message.


CASH PRIZE: $2000.00

VIDEO DEAL: Video Recording Deal for One Song.

HOST: The winner will get to host RAW BARZ USA Season II


PROMOTION: Will get extensive promotion through RAW BARZ USA, RAW BARZ NEPAL and all other affiliates of RAW BARZ USA.

TOUR: 9 Cities tour of USA on YOUTH AMERICA TOUR – 2017.


Baltimore – NOV 4 | Boston – NOV 5 | Dallas – NOV 11 | Houston – NOV 12 | Chicago – NOV 18 | Ohio – NOV 19 | San Francisco – NOV 25 | Los Angeles – NOV 26 | Washington DC – DEC 2

RAW BARZ USA Season I Press Meet
RAW BARZ USA Season I Press Meet

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