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The use of the SongsNepal website(s) or any SongsNepal product or services (collectively, the “website”) provided by Do Surf In Pvt. Ltd (“SongsNepal”), are subjugated to the Provisions of this Privacy Policy which will be include any amendments or updates hereto. This Privacy Policy is incorporated into and is subjected to the SongsNepal’s Terms & Conditions. The Use of the Website is prohibited if you do not agree with this Privacy Policy.


SongsNepal takes Privacy very seriously. We want to help you to understand the Terms related to the collection and use of the information that we will collect and gather of all artists, record labels, media partners, etc. This Privacy Policy discloses the type of information that we will gather, how we will use it, and the choices that you will have regarding the collection of all information.


BY USING, OR BY ACCESSING OR UPLOADING ON THE WEBSITE, YOU HAVE AGREED TO THE COLLECTION AND ACCESSING OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION BY THE WEBSITE. ALL IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS SET HEREUNDER BY THE WEBSITE; WE RECOMMEND THAT ALL DOWNLOADED AND COPIED CONTENT BE USED ONLY FOR PERSONAL USE.  WE DO NOT RECOMMEND ANY TRANSFERENCE OR DISTRIBUTION OF ANY MATERIAL FROM THIS WEBSITE THROUGH ANY MEDIUM. reserves all rights to amending this Privacy Policy at any given time with prior notice and it is your responsibility to review this Privacy Policy for any changes. Your continual use of this Website will prove that you accept any changes prior to the any amendments to the Privacy Policy.

Please note that any video, image or other media posted by permission of the User will become published content on the Website. It will not be considered as personal identifiable object due to the subjugation of the Privacy Policy. When using certain features of the Website, it may require the submission of certain personal information, including your first and last name, e-mail address, a nickname (or any other id) and a standardized password.

Please note that SongsNepal will also collect and receive additional non-personal identifiable information specifically related to the use of any particular feature of the Website. It responses to any offerings or advertisements presented on the Website. The collection and receiving of those additional non-personal identifiable information will also be due to the use of the Website by other users or other visitors as according to the Internet Protocol Communication system.

How is Your Information being used?

The information will be used to operate and improve all features, contents and offerings provided on the Website.  SongsNepal will also be able to personalize the contents and advertisements so as to fulfill your requests of more programs, products and services in order to bridge communications with the users and the Website. It will also be able to conduct researches in order for us to improve better providence of all media on SongsNepal.

Please note that SongsNepal may use your Personal Identifiable Information so as to present offers to you on behalf of all business partners and advertisers. Even though, SongsNepal’s business partners and advertisers may receive aggregate data about our users, it will however not be shared with any Third Parties without your full consent of the sharing of this type of information.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned terms, your information will be accessed or disclosed if and required by any Legal Procedures as determined by SongsNepal in good faith. Furthermore, SongsNepal may transfer Personal Identifiable Information in the event of any transference of ownership of SongsNepal or any of its Websites or products, in which case the information will be subjugated to another Privacy Policy.


SongsNepal may employ the use of cookies and web beacons or similar technologies in order to improve and enhance all features provided by the Website, to personalize your use of the Website to help authenticate your identity on this Website whenever you visit or transact with this Website; to remember your preferences and registration details, to present and help measure and research the effectiveness of all offerings, advertisements and e-mail communications (by determining which e-mails you open and act upon); in order to customize the content and advertisement provided to you.


SongsNepal does not require that you accept the use of cookies and that you may choose to disable the use of cookies upon your use of the Website. However, you may experience some impairment of functionality on the Website if you decline the usage of cookies on this Website. To disable cookies, please follow the instructions as instructed on your web browser.


Third Party Ad Advertising

SongsNepal or its advertisers may employ the use of third party ad networks and ad serving companies in order to help sell and present advertisements online affiliated to the Website. These third party ad companies may use cookies, web beacons or any similar technologies to help present such advertisements in order to help measure and research the advertisements’ effectiveness and also to compile anonymous statistics about SongsNepal users. The use of these technologiesby third party ad companies is subjugated to their own Privacy Policy and not SongsNepal’s. These third party ad companies may also monitor SongsNepal for the sole purpose of reporting website traffic, statistics, and advertisements, “click-through” and/or other activities. SongsNepal works with the Google and SongsNepal Advertising Management to provide advertisement.


SongsNepal will not provide advertisers any access to any Personal Identifiable information that you have provided to the Website (keeping in mind that anything you have chosen to share public will be available to any user on this Website).


Third Party Video Browsing

SongsNepal will also provide many videos from third party video websites. We do not hold responsibilities in regards to the use of cookies, web beacons or any similar technologies stored in your computers. YouTube will be our major source to import our videos from. Click here to read YouTube’s Privacy Policy.



The implementation of all Security Policies, Rules and Technical Measures is to protect and safeguard all Personal Identifiable Information from all unauthorized access, improper usage or disclosure, unauthorized modification, unlawful destruction or accidental loss of any media.  All our Personnel that areauthorized or have access to and or associated with the processing of your Personal Identifiable Information are obligated to respect all confidentiality of the information provided by you.


Special Note for Parents

As protection of the Privacy of all young children is of high importance, SongsNepal will not knowingly collect or retain any Personal Identifiable Information of any minor under the age of 13 years old which might be discerning to the minor. Please note that no part of this website will be directed to any minor under the age of 13 and is advised not to use or access the Website without any prior Parental Consent. If SongsNepal should learn that any Personal Identifiable Information of the minor has been provided to this website without any Parental Consent, then SongsNepal will take the appropriate steps to delete the information.



Modification and Deletion of Personal Identifiable Information

Deletion (Opt-out): In the case where you wish to delete Personal Identifiable Information that you have submitted to the Website, please notify us at


Modification: If you wish to modify or update your Personal Identifiable Information you had submitted, please use the Website’s application Interface. If you need assistance please contact us at

Please note that the deletion of any previous Personal Identifiable Information will not prevent SongsNepal from using the gathered anonymous information.


Third Parties’ Practices: This Privacy Policy will not cover the informational practices exercised by other providers of products or services, advertisers or other websites, and/or companies/people that SongsNepal does not own or control, or does not employ or manage. See also, “Third Party Advertising”.

Google Advertising: With access to SongsNepal, we will save the third party cookie (Google Advertising Network) on your computer and will add you to our re-marketing list. We might also use the cookie later in order to show you our advertisement on other websites.