Priyanka Karki : The Rise

There are a few names in Nepali Film Industry who made a huge impact and are considered the players of the long run. Rajesh Hamal, Karishma Manandhar, Gauri Malla, Bhuwan K.C, etc. They have all made a place for themselves and a legacy of their own. One such name who in the recent times has taken the Nepali Entertainment Industry by storm is Priyanka Karki. From films and music videos to ads and magazine covers, Priyanka Karki is living the life of a true Nepali celebrity.

Priyanka Karki was born on 27th February 1987 to father Bhupendra Karki and mother Raksha Malhotra. She was born in Kathmandu as Sukumari Karki and has a younger brother Pranit Karki.

Karki’s first shot to fame came when she was crowned Miss Teen Nepal 2005. After which she got opportunities in a few music videos, ads, magazines, and fashion shows. But after a short while, she left the country to pursue her further education at the University of  North Alabama. After returning back, Priyanka Karki rose to fame like no other artist. She found instant success in films because of her acting skills.

Priyanka Karki started her film journey in 2012 with “3 Lovers” playing a double role of Diya and Liza that earned her the OFA Award for Popular Debutant Actress. She then started appearing back to back in films and music videos and became one of the busiest artists in Nepali Film Industry. People started appreciating her acting as well as her dancing skills. Her most critically acclaimed role came in 2014 playing the character of Saru in the film “Nai Nabhannu La 2” that earned her four Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Female) awards.

Apart from acting and films, Priyanka Karki has also made a place with dancing, singing, choreography, and TV presenting. Her TV career came before her films in 2006 with “Celluloid,” A TV show about the latest Hollywood movie releases. She went on appearing in different TV shows till 2007 and some music videos as well. She began her singing career with the film “Aawaran” for which she performed the OST ft. Yama Buddha.

Priyanka Karki has 439K Instagram followers and 2.1M Facebook Likes making her one of the most followed Nepali celebrity. She is actively involved in social media and her her fans are equally interested in her private life as much they are in her professional life.

Talking about her private life, Priyanka Karki was once a married woman. She married Rochak Mainali, a computer engineer in the US in 2010 at the age of 22, in a formal ceremony held in Kathmandu.

The couple decided to separate and file for divorce in 2012 before Priyanka returning to Nepal to pursue her acting career. They don’t have any children as their marriage was short lived. Currently, She is dating the model/cover artist turned actor and the son of banker Raveena DS Joshi, Ayushman DS Joshi.

Currently, Priyanka Karki is busy touring with her latest film “Chakka Panja 2” team for promotions. She also has a lineup of films yet to be released like “Anaagat,” “Katha Kathmandu,” “Bir Bikram 2” just to name a few.

Watch the best of Priyanka Karki’s music video compilation here.


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