Pulse Digital Studio – Convenient Choice of Recording Song in Pokhara


Song Recording is not a complex work these days. Pulse Digital Recording Studio is that one destination you should surely stop by if you are willing to get your song recorded in major market areas that too in lower estimated budgets. The Music Studio is managed and controlled under the ownership of Deepak Lama. Since his teenage, Deepak had a keen interest in music and its making. After about 18 years of complete hard work and struggle Deepak opened the Pulse Recording Studio. This recording studio has been proved to be a very important milestone in Deepak’s life as it changed him from Nothing to Something. Pulse Recording Studio was opened in 2011. It has been more than 3 years since when Pulse has gained a huge success, especially in the Pokhara valley. Music Industry of Pokhara is surely growing. The multi-talented, Deepak Lama also agreed to this fact as he has experienced getting more new projects in these recent times than before.

pulse recording studio

Majorly, the recording studio is well known for its work of giving sound in the movies, song recording, music arrangement, promotion of album and all kind of works related to every music genre !! Currently, the studio has taken the project of recording our very own talented artist, Laure‘s second music album. As Deepak Lama himself is the part of Laure’s band, the company is busy preparing for their Nepal tour and album promotion strategies.  Besides all these present projects, there are many other recording project for the nepali movie songs that are to be conducted in near future. We wish all the very best to the recording studio for its success and bright opportunities in near future.

As in a part Pulse Digital Studio is also a Content Partner for SongsNepal.com representing from Pokhara helping us share beautiful entertainment content from our Youtube Channel.