SongsNepal Royalty Update (2018)

Official Announcement: Now Giving 100% Royalty Revenue to Artists and Music Companies

After promoting Nepali Music for around a decade (10 Years), it’s now time to give to the community that has helped us Grow this big, making a trusted Music Brand in Nepal. We Would like to Thank all the Content Providers and Artists for choosing SongsNepal and supporting us Promoting Nepali Music to the World.

And in return, From September 1st, 2018 SongsNepal is providing 100% Revenue of the Songs to the artists/music companies that are distributed through SongsNepal Network.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: I already have my video uploaded on SongsNepal, will I get 100% revenue of the Videos I previously submitted?

A: No the New Payment Module is for videos that are submitted from 1st of September, 2018. All the previous videos will have same deal as in the agreement signed before.


Q: I have uploaded my video on my own Channel, can I submit it to SongsNepal for 100% Royalty Revenue? Also will I need to Delete my Videos from My Channel?

A: Well in that case you can definitely submit your video again to SongsNepal to distribute through its Network. Yes you will get 100% of the revenue from SongsNepal Youtube Channel too. Also you don’t need to delete your video from your Channel and we will make custom contract accordingly.


Q: What kind of Videos will get 100% Royalty Revenue?

A: The new module is only valid for official videos. This will strictly not include lyrics videos and other studio version videos.


Q: How would I Know If I Qualify for 100% Royalty?

A: You will need to submit the video to SongsNepal and we will let you know if the video qualifies under our upload guidelines. All the uploaded videos will be given 100% royalty beside lyrics/studio videos.


Q: Can I Upload Video on my Channel too?

A: Yes, We allow uploading of video on extra 1 channel, that could be of singer, producer or the right holder. Also We will not need any revenue generated from the Copyright Holders Channel.


Q: Yes Sounds Interesting, Where to Submit my Video?

A: You can email your video at: with subject ‘video upload’ or you can also drop by our office to submit your video and further contract.


If you have any other questions, feel free to get back to us through our Facebook Page.