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Saran Gurung - Tadha Najau

Added by SongsNepal on Dec 08, 2014

'Tadha Najau' is a Nepali Pop song by Saran Gurung which is taken from the Album 'Suhana' and is produced under the Music Label: MusicJoy Media.

The Music of the Nepali Pop song is composed by Saran Gurung and the Lyrics are written by Birkha Gurung and Susil Regmi. The Music arrangements are done by Tsujil Karmacharya. The actors starring in this Music Video are Mukti Upreti and Neelam Mahat. The Nepali Music Video of 'Tadha Najau' is directed by Buddha Ghimire and edited by Mukti Upreti. Tadha Najau is Nepali Music Video by Youngteens Production, Colorado.

Genre: Pop

Artists: Saran Gurung

Tags: Latest Nepali Pop / Nepali Pop / Nepali Pop songs / nepali song / nepali songs

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