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Sonam Tashi Gurung - Dashain Aayo

Added by SongsNepal on May 07, 2014

Dashain Aayo is a Nepali Pop song by Sonam Tashi Gurung.

The music video showcases what the artist - Sonam Tashi Gurung feels and what he does to celebrate the festivites. The music video's Director Of Photography are Naren Limbu and Rabin Shrestha. The music video's direction is conceptualized by Naren Limbu. The editorial of the music video is done by Binaya Kansakar. SongsNepal is an Online Partner for this music video.

Genre: Pop

Artists: Sonam Tashi Gurung

Tags: All the latest Nepali Releases / Nepali Festive songs / Nepali Pop songs

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