Submission Rules

General Guidelines:

Do you want to upload some videos? We would love that! After all, sharing your Artistic expression on the SongsNepal is one of the greatest thing you can choose to do.First and foremost, there are some guidelines we need all our users to follow. Their existence is to make sure that SongsNepal does not devolve into a chaotic horrific business venture.

No Cloning Allowed: No, we are not talking about producing identical sheep in the lab, though that will be cool. Instead we are requesting that users refrain from duplicating videos that already exist on the website. We do not recommend duplicates so please review all contents before uploading so as to prevent any repetitions of the same video.

Two Hundred Is Enough: Nope, we are not talking about the limit of videos that you can upload on our portal. In fact, we are talking about limiting that size of your video that you are going to upload. Please remember to keep the size of your media under 200 MB. As you can retain the best quality of your media even under that size,anything bigger than that will be automatically deleted.

Keep Your Pants On: As we want to serve as wide as a community as it can, we would recommend that you censor Sexually Explicit Content of your videos. Let’s not be Prudes, people.

Please know that will reject videos that exhibit illegal acts of violence or implementation of human fatalities.

Irresistible Titles: We know that you desire more viewers for your media but we do not recommend that you name your media so drastically from the content of your media. Sometimes, simplicity of your Song Titles can be a plus point.

Dress for Success: Package your media with as uniquely as possible killer descriptions, thumbnails, and tags in order to attract your viewers to your media. However keep in mind to give an accurate description of your media because deception is frowned upon.

Teaser Descriptions: Don’t be a Spoiler Alert because everyone dislikes a tattle-tale. So be careful not to give away the punch line of your media.

Eye-Catching Thumbnails: You can choose an image that might best describe the visionary aspect of your media if you want to grab anyone’s attention. However, let’s keep it clean because we like to eat while watching.

Tag Away: You can use as many as tag as possible as long as it fits the description of your media so that media is easily searchable.

Picking A Channel: If you should feel that your media cannot be categorized into one channel, the best choice is to pick a channel that best fits the content of your media. To get a full grasp of our categories’ descriptions, you can refer to our Categories Selection.

SongsNepal House Rules:

We have built to be a creative community that will generate a great buzz because we always love a great buzz. So these are some established House Rules we want our Users to follow.

Helpful Criticism: If you want better content to be provided on our portal, please do not shy away from providing such with suggestions. But remember that smack is not much appreciated. Also, if you think that you can provide better media; don’t be afraid of showcasing it on SongsNepal.

Save The Creativity For The Videos: Please do not try to cheat your way to the top by manipulating results. For example, do not use pseudo ids to post comments on your own content in order to get into our Top Lists. (Remember we have got trained dogs to sniff out the cheats)

Keep It Clean: Let’s use clean grammar and vocabulary on SongsNepal because Language is a beautiful thing. Let’s not paint it Obscene with stupidity and profanity.

No Haters: Please keep in mind that our community has Zero Tolerance for Deformity. All Racists, Homophobes or Sexists are advised to keep away. This will also include threats of violence or sexual assault on verbalism against other users or any person appearing in the media. Offenders will henceforth be banned from the use of SongsNepal.

We hate playing Cops – we would like to inform you that it takes away time from us in providing and building a killer site so let’s keep the community and the buzz growing on