Top Five Rap Battles (Raw Barz)

Raw Barz, the most beloved rap battle series in Nepal has come a long way since it released its first official video, Sacar vs. Unik Poet, three years ago. Since then, the battle league have had three successful seasons and has provided many rappers with a platform no other stages could provide.

Now, there are auditions held in different places in different cities for the fourth season, and official battles are on its way very soon. So, we have made a list of top five rap battles for all the Raw Barz lovers, while we patiently wait for the fourth season to arrive.

  1. Laure Vs. Unik Poet

Laure vs. Unik Poet is the most viewed rap battle of Raw Barz on YouTube with 3,522,499 views. Probably because, since Unik Poet from the Underdogs had already established himself as one of the rappers to watch after the battle with Sacar and Pokhara’s very own Laure was battling for the first time. The anticipating event saw two of the top rappers going head to head in an epic battle, which perfectly showcased the skills and lyricism of both the rappers.

2. Tsamyun Vs. Rhythms Up

With very less female participants, Tsamyun and Rhythms Up have proved to be two of the top battle rappers even among a pile of men, with the second most viewed video with 1,893,247 views. A lot of funny punchlines and quick rebuttals have made this video a must watch.

3. Balen Vs. Litl Grizl

The rap battle with probably the best punchlines and Balen’s witty freestyles makes this video the third most watched video with 1,138,924 views. Balen rose to fame after this epic battle, which was also his debut and Litl Grizl put out a tough fight.

4. Pari Vs. Tsamyun

The fourth most watched video is yet another female battle Pari vs. Tsamyun, with 1,117,249 views. This battle showcased the incredible battle skills both the ladies have, their lyricism and quick rebuttals.

5. Easi 12 Vs. Laure

With 1,045,585 views, the battle between Easi 12 vs. Laure is the fifth highest viewed rap battle. The two top rappers go head to head in an epic battle that is a perfect blend of freestyles, rebuttals, and some good punchlines.

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