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Uttam Thapa - Bidesiyeko Saathiharu

Added by SongsNepal on Apr 06, 2014

Bidesiyako Saathiharu is a Nepali song by Uttam Thapa taken from the album - Voice Record produced under Audio - Floreena Films.

The Lyrics and Music are written by Uttam Thapa. The music Arranger is Chand Singh. The music video was directed by Pasang Yonjzon Lamab and was assisted by Anil Samrat on direction. On camera is Amrit Sunuwar. The editorial of the music video was by Prabesh Tandukar and the post production of the music video was by Sylph Films. is its Online Media Partner.

Genre: Pop

Artists: Uttam Thapa

Tags: Nepali Pop song / New Nepali Pop Song 2014 / New Nepali Songs 2014

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