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Uttam Thapa - Sindhuli Ki Kanchi

Added by SongsNepal on Jul 11, 2014

Sindhuli Ki Kanchi is Nepali Lok-Pop by Uttam Thapa and the Audio and Distribution of Sindhuli Ki Kanchi is done Florina Films.

The Music and Lyrics are composed by Uttam Thapa. The actors starring in this music video are Tej Bahadur Tamang and Sanu Khatri. This music video of "Sindhuli Ki Kanchi" is directed by Sher Bahadur Gurung and the camera directions and editorial are done by Deep Sagar.

Genre: Lok Dohori / Pop

Artists: Uttam Thapa

Tags: Lok-Pop Song 2014 / nepali songs / New Nepali Lok-Pop Song 2014

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