Timile Malai

“Timile Malai” is an emotional new Nepali song. It is a song about a man who got his heart broken by the woman he loved more than anything.

The song is the latest Nepali Adhunik Song from the album “Journey of My Dream”. Aasu Pranav performs the song along with composing the lyrics and music.

The music video shows a man fighting for his life in the war while his wife spends time with another man. After seeing the woman he loves with another man, he cannot control his emotions and ends up strangling both of them to death.

The direction and the concept of the music video are by Aasu Pranav with SG Adhikari behind the camera and Sajan Ghale behind editing. The music video stars Kumar, Reetu, Ashok, Bibek, Puranjan, Shishir, and Jenish.

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