Timrai Samjhanama

“Timrai Samjhanama” is an emotional new Nepali tragic love song. The song is about a girl missing the man she loved more than anything who ended up betraying her and went away from her.

The song is the latest addition to Nepali Adhunik Genre. Alisha Tamang performs the song from the album “Bhagya”. Madhu Nepane composed the lyrics whereas the music is by Tarabir Pandey and Dev Laor arranged the song.

The music video shows a girl and a guy who are in love with each other. They have a perfectly healthy relationship until the girl finds out that he’s been cheating on her with her friend. In the end, both the women leave the guy for doing what he did.

Gyanendra Koirala directed the music video starring Sushmita, Chiran, and Bhawana. Tilak Rijal is the man behind the camera and Tulasi Baskota behind editing work. Som Magrati is the official makeup artist for the video.

“Timro Samjhana.a” is a presentation of Parijat Baral.

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