“Hawaa Gharaima” is a Latest Nepali Romantic Modern Adhunik Song which is performed by Poojan Lohagan and  Anupama Pradhan where vocal is uttered by themselves in the song. Sonam Pakhrin and Mansha Gurung are featuring model in the video. he lyrics for Nepali Romantic Modern Adhunik Song ‘Hawaa Gharaima’ is scripted along with music composition by Pushkar Parajuli. The arrangement work is done by Sumit Biswakarma. Guitar and  Bass is beautifully played by Raja Chowdhury. The Khanjira ,Ghatam and Madal of the Nepali Romantic Modern Adhunik Song ‘Hawaa Gharaima’ is played by Joy Nandi. It is recorded at _  Anora Studio (Siliguri) , Z-Roe One Studio (Kolkata) and Studio Hansadhwani (Kolkata).

The Model starring in the Nepali Romantic Modern Adhunik Song ‘Hawaa Gharaima’ Music Video are Sonam Pakhrin and Mansha Gurung. The Make Up Artist of this music video is Dilip Thakur. The entire Camera work of the Nepali Melodious Modern Adhunik Song is done by Utsav Dahal. Similarly, the editing process is done by Sushil Neupane. The entire direction of the ‘Hawaa Gharaima’ Nepali Melodious Modern Adhunik Song is directed by Sonam Pakhrin. The Producer of this music video is Poojan Lohagan whereas co-producer is Biswaz Gurung.



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