Timilai Ma

“Timilai Ma” is a Latest Nepali Romantic Pop Song which is performed by Rukman Limbu and Damber Nepali. The vocal is uttered by Rukman Limbu in the song. The Lyrics and music for this song is scripted and composed by Damber Nepali. The arrangement of the music video is arranged by Rubusha Creative Works.

The Models starring in the Nepali Adhunik Song “Timilai Ma” Music Video are Reshu and Rukman Limbu. The Camera work of the Nepali Pop Song “Timilai Ma” is completed by Arjun Tiwari and Team. The wardrobe used by the models in the music video is provided by Terhathume Dhaka Collection. Similary, the whole music video Editing process is done by Nishan Ghimire. The entire direction of the “Timilai Ma” Pop song is directed by Bishal Bhandari.

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