Timile Maya Marey Paachi

“Timile Maya Marey Paachi” is a Nepali Pop Song by Dauth Rai from the Album ‘Soar’. The Music of the song is composed by Binod Khumbu and the Lyrics is written by J.G. Rai.

The Model starring in the Nepali Pop song ‘Timile Maya Marey Paachi’ are Jiwan Bhattarai and Ramita Bhandari. Arjun Tiwari has done the Camera work. The Direction of the song is taken by Gobind Rai. The Direction of VFX, Animation and Editing of the Nepali Pop song ‘Timile Maya Marey Paachi’ is done by Amulya and Abishek Bajracharya (Zion Media Labs). It is done under the Production of ‘Om Mani Padme Huu’. The Costume of the Model starring in the Music Video is designed by CSB Theme Fashion, Manbhawan and Hello Kumaripati.

Special thanks is given to Suresh Kumar and Jharana Chettri.

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