Nilo Gagan Muni

“Nilo Gagan Muni” is a Patriotic Nepali Adhunik Song by Debraj Banjara and Prakash Gautam including some of their friends from the Album ‘Birsana Khojen’. Enjoy this song with Nepali Patriotic vibe with beautiful description of Nepal Country.

The Music composer and Lyricist of the Nepali Adhunik song ‘Nilo Gagan Muni’ is Surendra Kumar Shrestha (SKS Banepa). The Camera work of the song is done by Surendra Shrestha and Niranjul Kayastha. The Editing of this song is done by Krishna Paudel. Mohan Taujale is the Chreographer of the Nepali Adhunik song ‘Nilo Gagan Muni’. The Direction of the song is taken by Surendra Kumar Shrestha (SKS Banepa).

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