“Timi Kina” is a Latest Nepali Romantic Hip Hop & R&B Song which is performed by Dipendra Featuring Diwas where vocal is uttered by themselves in the song. Dipendra , Ritu and Ravi are featuring model in the video. The lyrics for Nepali Romantic Hip Hop & R&B Song ‘Timi Kina’ is scripted along with music composition by Diwas. The arrangement work is done by Ricky Shakya.

The Model starring in the Nepali Romantic Hip Hop & R&B Song ‘Timi Kina’ Music Video are Dipendra , Ritu and Ravi. The Direction and Camera work of the Nepali Romantic Hip Hop & R&B Song ‘Timi Kina’ is taken and done by Diwas. Similarly, the editing process is done by  Diwas. The Executive Producer of the music video is Ravi Shrestha and Diwas.

Special Thanks to Jeevan Subedi and Anupa Budhathoki.



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