Timi Mero

“Timi Mero” is a romantic love song where a guy expresses his feelings towards the girl.

The song is the latest addition to Nepali R&B Pop Genre. Bibek Pandey performs the song featuring Emoholic Bikash. The lyrics and music are by Bibek Pandey and the arrangement is by Chetan Raj Karki.

Bibek Pandey directed and edited the music video with assistance from Pradeep Bhatta. Dinesh Bhandari and Bibek Pandey shot the music video starring Niraj Bhatta opposite Pratikshya Malla. The video features the choreography of Ayam Paneru and Sumita Jairu. The video is produced by Dhiraj Singh Thakuri and Dinesh Bhandari is the production manager.

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