“Aajkal” is an emotional new Nepali song. It is a song about two people who love each other but are separated and can never be together again.

The song is the latest addition to Nepali Pop Genre. Gaurav Chhetri shares the mic with Richa Baniya performing the melodious duet. Along with the vocal, Gaurav Chhetri also composes the track with Sumanz Tamang arranging it.

The music video starts off with two people who are so much in love. They are inseparable and spend a lot of time together. But once the guy sees his girl hugging another man and without listening to what she has to say about it, he leaves her. But he later regrets what he did and tries to apologize to her and win her back, but it’s too late.

Sumanz Tamang directed, shot, and edited the music video starring Vishal Gupta and Dikshya Singh. Diksha Gupta produced the music video and Gaurav Dwebedi makes a special appearance. Post-Production by NMI Production.

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