Bidesh Bidesh

“Bidesh Bidesh” is the latest addition to Nepali Adhunik Songs. This sentimental and emotional song is performed by Kosh Bomjan Tamang.

Jiwan Bomjon Tamang wrote the lyrics, Tika Bomjon composed the music and Kosh puts his own vocal to the track. Pawan Wang Lama is an arranger for this song.

Sagar Yonjon Tamang is a man behind camera work. The mixing of this song is done by Dika Gurung.

This song is about the Expectation that people has in their mind before leaving for abroad. We usually think at first hindsight that abroad is equal to heaven where happiness is a reality. The lyrics in this song tells that there is a different world out there and everything we have assumed about the lives in abroad is just a small piece of lie.


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