Aayo Yaad

“Aayo Yaad” is tragic Nepali love song about a girl reminiscing the memories she had with the person she is in love with.

The song is a new Nepali Adhunik Song performed by Kristi Subba. The lyrics and music are by Jhalak Bibas. Sagar Subba recorded and mixed the song at Opus9 studio.

The music video depicts a girl misunderstanding her significant other and accusing him of cheating. But in reality, he was only helping the other girl out. Realizing her mistakes, she misses him and reminisces all the time they spend together. At the end, the guy returns back to her forgiving all her mistakes.

Jhalak Bibas is the director/editor of the video with Cool on Entertainment on the camera. The music video stars model Harsit Reejan, Manjana Pandit, Samjhana, Jhalak, Sibina, and PL. Post Video on Cool on Entertainment. Jeewan Pasa is the official makeup artist for the video.

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