Kina Kina

“Kina Kina” is the latest addition to Nepali Pop Songs. This romantic love  song is performed by Manish Bishwokarma.

Manish Biswokarma himself wrote the lyrics, composed music adding his own vocal to the track. Almoda Rana (Uprety) is an arranger for this song. Ujjwal Shreyan Mahat puts his hand on mixing and mastering for this song. Also, You can hear a flute in this song which has been played by Swarnim Maharjan

Yashi Chettri did entire direction and editing of Sayaad. Pawan Susling is a man behind camera work with an Asst. Diken Limbu. Likewise, Shatranj Suwal is on photography and Ram Prasad Chaudhary is the editor for the song. This is a complete production of Gagan Pandey and Sujan Pathak.

The sentimental love song music video stars model Aayush Regmi and Shraddha Prasi in the opposite. This song is about the feelings of being together with beloved and never have to let go.


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