Watch out this Latest Nepali Rock pop Song “Ma Timilai” by Mukesh Shahi and the group. The Lyrics of the song was written by Late Baburam Rimal and is composed and arranged by the lead guitarist Gaurav Sharma. We can see vocalist Mukesh Shahi in the Rhythm Guitar, Gaurav Sharma in the lead and Ajay Lama in the bass. Actress Pragati Chettri can be seen with Actor Krishna Bhandari as the main characters. This music video is shot in various beautiful location of Nepal which makes the video even enjoyable to watch.

Studio : Omni Phonic

Artist : Pragati Cheetri/Krishna Bhandari

Lakkhe : Saman Maharjan/Aasish Shahi

Drum Programming : pramod pariyar

MUA/M.D. : Suju Pandey Thapa

Camera : Zouk Creation

Edit/DI : Lokendra Subba

Direction : Raj Kumar Tamang/Tekendra Karki

Concept : Raj Kumar Tamang

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