Hey Manav

“Hey Manav” is an emotional new Nepali Pop song. It is a song showcasing how inhumane humans can be towards dogs (all animals). It depicts the emotions of dogs and the cruelty people do towards them forgetting they are living beings too and they have feelings and emotions too.

Prabin Bajracharya performed the song written by Dr. Sunil Sapkota. The music is by Kalyan Singh and arranged by Pradeep Joshi.

The music video shows how a lot of people treat street dogs as well as the dogs they once owned. Throwing acid, poking their eyes out and leaving them to die, poisoning the poor creatures and hitting them with sharp objects are some of the cases shown in the video.

Nabin K. Shrestha directed and shot the music video featuring adopted street dog Hachiko. The concept and dog training are by Prabin Bajracharya. Tekendra Shah edited the music video. Post-production by Mero Kipa.

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