Dashain Aayo Tihar Aayo

“Dashain Aayo Tihar Aayo” is a new Nepali song. It is a song about the biggest Nepali festival celebrated by the Hindus “Dashain and Tihar”.

Sarbin Bogati shares the mic with Pragati Hingmang performing the song. Bihani B.K composed the song whereas B.B. Anuragi arranged the song. The song is recorded at R.N.C Music Pvt.Ltd.

Prakash Bhatta directed the music video with Karan Chaisir behind the camera and Bishnu Sharma behind editing. The music video stars Anjali Adhikari, Usha B.K., Sher Saud, and Jiwa Bogati. The videography is by Shai Vision Pvt. Ltd.

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